All types of vet services for your pet in Glebe

At Glebe Veterinary Hospital we make sure your pet is in good health

We provide a range of services to ensure the best health care for your pet. Rest assured that you can put your pet in the hands of our dedicated, professional team of veterinary surgeons.

Vet services at Glebe Veterinary Hospital in Glebe include general wellness, radiology, dental care, laboratory testing, natural pet care and surgery.

Our animal hospital takes care of your sick pet but our veterinary surgeons also take measures to keep your pet in good health.

woman playing with her cat in bed


  • vaccinations for dogs, cats and rabbits
  • protection against ticks and fleas

Keep your pet healthy and vital by vaccinating Worms, fleas and ticks can affect your pet´s vitality. At Glebe Veterinary Hospital, we take care of this.

A healthy pet is a happy pet and a happy owner. Our goal is to make you happy.

We know you love your pet and offer you support through fair prices and our caring staff.

puppy dog recovering from surgery


  • general surgery
  • sterilisation

Our surgeons undergo regular training and schooling so that your pet can undergo surgery with as little complication as possible.

A sterilisation or other general surgery, carried out using the latest equipment, will ensure a quick recovery.

Our veterinary surgeons are familiar with the latest techniques and equipment for treating your pet. Pop into our clinic for the best vet services in Glebe!

siamese cat in good hands

Laboratory tests

  • blood pressure
  • urine
  • external laboratory research
  • in house pathology

Laboratory research and testing helps detect illness early on and facilitate treatment.

High blood pressure can be treated with medication or a special diet and exercise program. Before long, your pet will regain vitality.

At Glebe Vet Hospital we understand how much you love your pet and will take every care to maintain your furry friend's good health or to discover and treat illness in the early stages.